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Wedding PhotoShoot Greece

Welcome to Our Santorini wedding photography page, where we capture your love story against the stunning backdrop of Santorini (and maybe a few donkeys). As your photographer, I promise to be discreet, professional, and capture those special moments. And if you're feeling nervous in front of the camera, just remember: according to legend, Santorini was the site of the lost city of Atlantis. So if you can handle that level of mystery and intrigue, you can definitely handle a photoshoot with us. Let's capture your own legendary moments against the stunning backdrop of Santorini  (No actual Atlantean secrets required, just a smile and some photo magic.)

Testimonials Island Photography Santorini


“Thank you so much for our amazing photos.
My husband and I had a wonderful time.
If we have one more chance to go to Santorini, we'll definitely ask you again..” 


—  MN Hrd,

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